Salamander drumkit

A drum sample library I recorded in the garage! It’s meant to have an acoustic sound/feel to it. It turned out pretty well.. The boundled .sfz It is mapped for Linuxsampler and I cannot tell how well it’ll function with other sample players.

There is a slight issue with it tho, normalizing all the sample turned out not to be that great after all. Since I did it post export, last bits of the samples are not necesearly -inf dB wich makes slight pops and clicks. I haven’t bothered fixing it yet but I might just do it one day tho! In the meantime, Rosea Grammastola has made fade outs on all kick samples where the issue is the most pronounced, unpack and replace!

As of 4.3.2022, this is now public domain!

Have fun with it, it’s yours and noones!

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