Salamander GrandPiano

A grand piano sampling library I made once! The sfz is mapped to be used with

You can hear it in action in the second song (Ocean In The Radio) of my personal music project Vortex of Infinite Irony.

Thank you Roberto for hosting it! others are welcome to mirror!

As of 4.3.2022, this is now public domain!

Have fun with it, it’s yours and noones!

15 thoughts on “Salamander GrandPiano

  1. I’m in love with the warm tone of this piano! Heard about it on the Big Cat Instruments page. I’m interested in using this on a project to be released soon. Ok with credit to you for the sample? Please let me know how you would prefer to be credited.

  2. It’s a beautiful piano, but is it possible to turn off the pedal noise and any other mechanical noises?

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